Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

Miss Rabbit!, you had a fun Easter weekend with lots of festivities!
First we attended our 1st Easter Egg Hunt at Douglas Park. It was super crowded and since they called out groups of kids within their age group, we had to wait about an hour before someone had a little tantrum. You refused to go see the ducks or play in the playground while we waited- all you wanted was those eggs!! I asked one of the workers for an egg to "borrow" while we waited, so he gave it to me. We opened it up and there were some sugary lemonheads! I gave you one, and pretended that was the only one in there, you didn't fall for it, so I decided it was best we leave before an other meltdown occurred...

Off we went to Yahoo Park. I love this park, since it is never crowded and is so peaceful. We saw a group of people doing Tai Chi. You loved to watch them and waved your arms mimicking their moves.
You love your new sunglasses and little pouch to hold them in. It is alot less frustrating for you than wearing mamma's glasses that always fall off!

Easter egg Hunt #2 was at pamper and play-an indoor play house for kiddos. We were 10 minutes late, so all of the eggs were gone...but we grabbed a few empty ones and you didn't know the difference. You love to be able to open and close them on your own. You had a lot of fun their play kitchen making pizza and jumping around in the ball bin!

Easter Morning!
You opened an Easter basket full of coloring books, a stuffed bunny and stickers!

Then we headed over to our neighbors house and had some breakfast-you joined the other kids and enjoyed your first taste of chocolate-A chocolate filled bunny pastry! You ate it by holding your plate up to your face and ate the bunny right off of the plate. We had to sit you on a stool that was a bit higher than the table and wasnt much room for you to rest your plate down, so I guess it was easier and more fun for you to eat it that way!

After your nap, we headed over to Uncle Petes and Auntie LiLi's for Easter Dinner. Pappa made this festive Peep cake!

Pappa also gave you a little duckie and bunny, Which one do you like better?

You had fun hanging with LiLi, handing out stickers, running with Daddy and discovering what was inside those eggs in the yard with Pappa. A lovely neighbor handed you a freshly picked rose you gave to me. She said you reminded you of her daughter:)