Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Girl

My big girl-how can you be 2?
You are growing by the minute. Each day you do so many new things, I can hardly keep up!
Each day, we go out and pick berries from the garden. Sometimes you also want to pick the peas or string beans, but mostly just the berries. It is hard for you to resist picking them, even though I explain to you over and over about the thorns. You also recognize certain landmarks in our neigborhood-for example, we drove through our route that we tend to take to music class and you said Rebekka! Yes-your music teacher-oh how you love trot now jo!
You can put your shoes on now and even pull up your pants...well sometimes you need some help because your pants get stuck on your diaper in the back...I'm glad to help.

You are still very curious with trying new foods. Even though you may not like some things, you are usually willing to try. You mimic all the time now. Tonight you were able to clasp your hands together, intertwining your fingers and you watched my hands in the same pose after we ate dinner.
Miss Laura told us at school, you helped a friend in need. She was a new girl that cried and you went over to her and rubbed her back. It is so sweet seeing the girl you are becoming!

This weekend we are planning to go to a yoga class-I think you will be great, as you often do poses at home. You just finished your gymtastics class at school and the teacher said you performed great!
You will be going to a new school in the fall, closer to home and I am hoping it will be a great experience!