Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky Me!

Olivia, June, 2010

Olivia, May, 2012

Today was my second Official Mother's Day. I bought a new car, went shopping, had a wonderful breakfast with my amazing family. You and Daddy even picked out beautiful gerber daisies pour moi. The day ended with a peaceful stroll through one of our favorite local parks.
I look at how much you change each day, week, month, and now years! It's pretty amazing being your mamma. I love you dearly. These days, you are certainly mamma's girl. When I leave the room, you act as if Daddy is going to steal you far far away to another galaxy. You still at time find it hard to believe that we are separate individuals, yet on another hand you are SO INCREDIBLY independant. I know that this is yet another stage, and one that I will miss dearly when you are telling me to bug off, when your hanging with friends...oh yes, I yes indeed, I will miss these days...