Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Girl

My big girl-how can you be 2?
You are growing by the minute. Each day you do so many new things, I can hardly keep up!
Each day, we go out and pick berries from the garden. Sometimes you also want to pick the peas or string beans, but mostly just the berries. It is hard for you to resist picking them, even though I explain to you over and over about the thorns. You also recognize certain landmarks in our neigborhood-for example, we drove through our route that we tend to take to music class and you said Rebekka! Yes-your music teacher-oh how you love trot now jo!
You can put your shoes on now and even pull up your pants...well sometimes you need some help because your pants get stuck on your diaper in the back...I'm glad to help.

You are still very curious with trying new foods. Even though you may not like some things, you are usually willing to try. You mimic all the time now. Tonight you were able to clasp your hands together, intertwining your fingers and you watched my hands in the same pose after we ate dinner.
Miss Laura told us at school, you helped a friend in need. She was a new girl that cried and you went over to her and rubbed her back. It is so sweet seeing the girl you are becoming!

This weekend we are planning to go to a yoga class-I think you will be great, as you often do poses at home. You just finished your gymtastics class at school and the teacher said you performed great!
You will be going to a new school in the fall, closer to home and I am hoping it will be a great experience!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky Me!

Olivia, June, 2010

Olivia, May, 2012

Today was my second Official Mother's Day. I bought a new car, went shopping, had a wonderful breakfast with my amazing family. You and Daddy even picked out beautiful gerber daisies pour moi. The day ended with a peaceful stroll through one of our favorite local parks.
I look at how much you change each day, week, month, and now years! It's pretty amazing being your mamma. I love you dearly. These days, you are certainly mamma's girl. When I leave the room, you act as if Daddy is going to steal you far far away to another galaxy. You still at time find it hard to believe that we are separate individuals, yet on another hand you are SO INCREDIBLY independant. I know that this is yet another stage, and one that I will miss dearly when you are telling me to bug off, when your hanging with friends...oh yes, I yes indeed, I will miss these days...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

Miss Rabbit!, you had a fun Easter weekend with lots of festivities!
First we attended our 1st Easter Egg Hunt at Douglas Park. It was super crowded and since they called out groups of kids within their age group, we had to wait about an hour before someone had a little tantrum. You refused to go see the ducks or play in the playground while we waited- all you wanted was those eggs!! I asked one of the workers for an egg to "borrow" while we waited, so he gave it to me. We opened it up and there were some sugary lemonheads! I gave you one, and pretended that was the only one in there, you didn't fall for it, so I decided it was best we leave before an other meltdown occurred...

Off we went to Yahoo Park. I love this park, since it is never crowded and is so peaceful. We saw a group of people doing Tai Chi. You loved to watch them and waved your arms mimicking their moves.
You love your new sunglasses and little pouch to hold them in. It is alot less frustrating for you than wearing mamma's glasses that always fall off!

Easter egg Hunt #2 was at pamper and play-an indoor play house for kiddos. We were 10 minutes late, so all of the eggs were gone...but we grabbed a few empty ones and you didn't know the difference. You love to be able to open and close them on your own. You had a lot of fun their play kitchen making pizza and jumping around in the ball bin!

Easter Morning!
You opened an Easter basket full of coloring books, a stuffed bunny and stickers!

Then we headed over to our neighbors house and had some breakfast-you joined the other kids and enjoyed your first taste of chocolate-A chocolate filled bunny pastry! You ate it by holding your plate up to your face and ate the bunny right off of the plate. We had to sit you on a stool that was a bit higher than the table and wasnt much room for you to rest your plate down, so I guess it was easier and more fun for you to eat it that way!

After your nap, we headed over to Uncle Petes and Auntie LiLi's for Easter Dinner. Pappa made this festive Peep cake!

Pappa also gave you a little duckie and bunny, Which one do you like better?

You had fun hanging with LiLi, handing out stickers, running with Daddy and discovering what was inside those eggs in the yard with Pappa. A lovely neighbor handed you a freshly picked rose you gave to me. She said you reminded you of her daughter:)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Firsts...

Your first Painting! What a beauty! You get so excited to color and paint nowadays. You eagerly unfold your pink mat on the floor, grab your supplies and make your lovely art! Although you don't like to finger paint with your fingers-you must have the paintbrushes.

You also had your very first pee pee in your lil pink potty! We have had lots of practice with sitting on it and reading about Big Girl  Molly in the past few weeks. Tonight, when we finished the book, I heard the musical tune coming from the base of the potty. (This only goes off when it gets wet.) I looked and saw the pee! we were both so excited and did a little dance!

Monday, February 20, 2012

21 months

People ask me how old you are and I find myself torn between saying 1.5 and 2. You are much more mature than a 1.5 yr old, but I cant accept that you are almost 2! What happened to my little bambina? Well, you are much more you own self these days, as you can communicate and do many things for yourself. You love your laptop that Nanna gave you, and playing with your baby doll, which you named poo poo.
You sit on the potty now no pees or poops yet, just sitting and enjoying her new chair...but what is great is that you know what its for, and when you are ready you will make something happen.
While you sit on the potty, you read about a girl named Molly, who is a big girl that has a pink potty just like you-you love repeating her name-Molly-it is precious

You love when daddy carries you to walk sadie at night-b/c he points out the stars.

You love your "Leur Leurs"
and your music class-we listen to the songs nonstop-trot now jo and a song called me, you, we are your favorites.

you love yogurt/crackers/any fruits/now you even like carrot sticks/
fish tacos/toast with cinnamon/cereal
You also started drinking from a cup, but likes to spill it on purpose...then loves to wipe it clean
Loves putting your toys away-especially in class. You will take other kids toys to the bin when the teacher says its time to clean up-hah
Likes to pour sand up your pants-you must like how it feels on your skin.
Hates wearing socks and tends to throw off your shoes, while riding in the stoller.
People tell me your toes will get cold...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

These days...

You like to put on mamma's shoes. You prefer to wear certain items-clothes that I put on, you usually scream at. You would rather wear your elmo hoodie or your fuzzy pink vest!

Your favorite breakfast is whole wheat toast with butter and cinnamon. This is mamma's favorite too, and I enjoy sharing this time with you...even if it means giving up half my share, because you want more..more....please (peez as you say) How could I say no? You also started to enjoy eating sliced oranges! and how did you know how to eat them the correct way-avoiding the skin...

you love your baby doll again. When aunti Li Li babysat, she said you were burping the baby over your shoulder, that is so sweet!

Lately, we have been walking to the brentwood farmers market on Sunday mornings. I like going early, because it isn't too crowded and people are certainly more friendly then. After we get some fruits and veggies, we head over to the playground at the school nearby. I love the circle garden they have, and you like to sit on the rocks and run around collecting pine cones, not to mention listening for the birds (or leur leurs as you like to call them).

You love to help mamma clean and throw your garbage out....well sometimes
You are talking so much, and like to immitate us now...oh I guess we need to start watching what we say!
You love to read your books, which makes us o so happy. Especially when it keeps you ocuppied when you first wake up in the morning!
You love your music class and memorized some of the songs, you insist on repeating the cd many times!
You love to be tickled! Especially when I read moo, baa, la la la to you....
Your smiles are changing, you have started to have a persed lip smile, that Daddy says is just like his when he was younger!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I called him Sadie

I dont know what this was, but mamma brought me to the park (a park that smelled like tar), and I just kept calling this thing Sadie, Sadie! I may even love him more than my bestie at school, Ella, Ella!

Love, little o

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

u look like me

 I found this shot of me (top one up above) in one of our old photo albums. I must be right around little o's age. I love that we have the same straight bang/wavy on the bottom hairdo going on. And I bet that my mom had to stop herself from cutting my hair, just as I have to do with little o's. It tends to get in her eyes a bit, but it is just to precious to trim too much-not to mention so beautifully wild and crazy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Butterfly Sanctuary

On New Years Day, we decided to head up to The Coronado Butterfly Preserve up in Santa Barbara. It was amazing! An open park, with tons of butterflies flying around. Above, you can see them all bunched up on the eucalyptus tree leaves. We heard that when the sun hits them, they burst out and fly off. We waited, but they sat very still. Little o seem to really enjoy the views, especially since there were also some birds there, which she has been loving lately!

We even brought Sadie along. Everyone got a real kick out of her and she met a lot of other doggie friends!