Sunday, February 12, 2012

These days...

You like to put on mamma's shoes. You prefer to wear certain items-clothes that I put on, you usually scream at. You would rather wear your elmo hoodie or your fuzzy pink vest!

Your favorite breakfast is whole wheat toast with butter and cinnamon. This is mamma's favorite too, and I enjoy sharing this time with you...even if it means giving up half my share, because you want more..more....please (peez as you say) How could I say no? You also started to enjoy eating sliced oranges! and how did you know how to eat them the correct way-avoiding the skin...

you love your baby doll again. When aunti Li Li babysat, she said you were burping the baby over your shoulder, that is so sweet!

Lately, we have been walking to the brentwood farmers market on Sunday mornings. I like going early, because it isn't too crowded and people are certainly more friendly then. After we get some fruits and veggies, we head over to the playground at the school nearby. I love the circle garden they have, and you like to sit on the rocks and run around collecting pine cones, not to mention listening for the birds (or leur leurs as you like to call them).

You love to help mamma clean and throw your garbage out....well sometimes
You are talking so much, and like to immitate us now...oh I guess we need to start watching what we say!
You love to read your books, which makes us o so happy. Especially when it keeps you ocuppied when you first wake up in the morning!
You love your music class and memorized some of the songs, you insist on repeating the cd many times!
You love to be tickled! Especially when I read moo, baa, la la la to you....
Your smiles are changing, you have started to have a persed lip smile, that Daddy says is just like his when he was younger!

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