Monday, February 20, 2012

21 months

People ask me how old you are and I find myself torn between saying 1.5 and 2. You are much more mature than a 1.5 yr old, but I cant accept that you are almost 2! What happened to my little bambina? Well, you are much more you own self these days, as you can communicate and do many things for yourself. You love your laptop that Nanna gave you, and playing with your baby doll, which you named poo poo.
You sit on the potty now no pees or poops yet, just sitting and enjoying her new chair...but what is great is that you know what its for, and when you are ready you will make something happen.
While you sit on the potty, you read about a girl named Molly, who is a big girl that has a pink potty just like you-you love repeating her name-Molly-it is precious

You love when daddy carries you to walk sadie at night-b/c he points out the stars.

You love your "Leur Leurs"
and your music class-we listen to the songs nonstop-trot now jo and a song called me, you, we are your favorites.

you love yogurt/crackers/any fruits/now you even like carrot sticks/
fish tacos/toast with cinnamon/cereal
You also started drinking from a cup, but likes to spill it on purpose...then loves to wipe it clean
Loves putting your toys away-especially in class. You will take other kids toys to the bin when the teacher says its time to clean up-hah
Likes to pour sand up your pants-you must like how it feels on your skin.
Hates wearing socks and tends to throw off your shoes, while riding in the stoller.
People tell me your toes will get cold...

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