Monday, December 20, 2010

look alikes

me and my mom, 1977
little o and mr. bear, 2010

I tend to think little o looks more like Nat, which I don't mind. She changes so much from day to day, its hard to tell who she resembles more. At least she SORT of has my eye color....Me: blue/green, little o:blue (secretly hoping a touch of green may appear one day!) I also figure maybe she'll have my hair color-who knows-I'll love her any way, shape, form. My mom sent this pic to me today of when I was a baby and she thought we looked alike! What do you think?

PS-mom, I love your cool bangs:)

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  1. hi jen, wow, the resemblance is and little o are definitely related :)..xoxo Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2011 to you, Nat and Little O...we miss you and love you. gina & jo