Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 months and counting

My dearest little o,
How, oh how has 7.5 months past since the day your were born? The day you were placed into my arms and my world changed forever! One day before your due date-I bet you just couldn't wait to see what colors I decorated your room-huh?

It seems like just yesterday we were feeding you milk in a teeny syringe and that was a full meal for the first few days of your life. Now, you love to eat, all kinds of veggies as well as your favorite oatmeal! You grab the spoon and feed yourself-occasionally you hand me the spoon so I can "dip" it back into your bowl for more.
So here are some things that you've been up to lately....

Favorite songs:
Use to be "If your happy and you know it..."
Now it's "The itsy bitsy spider..." during the day and "twinkle, twinkle, little star..." at night.

Instant Entertainment:
Seeing sister Sadie wag her tail or lick her paw, tickles on your belly, mommy and daddy making fools of themselves with their funny voices (yes, this would occur several times during the day).

Family hugs, banging with your instruments, putting...well anything in your mouth, dancing, kicking one leg, or as I like to say reving your motorcycle, scratching new textured objects with your pointer finger, and a new recent activity is waving hi.

Little o (of course), Lives, Livi, Livi-Loo, Olive (Aunt Nicole's Favorite) Chicadee, which turned into Chick, Chickie, Chicks, or as Daddy would day, Chickles (named after Poppa Irwin's goat-yes strange I know but it makes me laugh every time Daddy calls you that).

Being hungry, waking up alone in your room, getting changed.

It took you how long?
8 weeks to start smiling
3 months to hold your head up strong
3.5 months to learn how to roll over
4 months to finally be able to sleep in footie pjs instead of those pesky swaddles
5.5 months to sleep through the night (knocking on wood, this will continue for a long time)
6 months to grow your first 2 teeth

I'm a proud mommy because:
You are sleeping though the night-and you are learning how to soothe yourself to sleep. You make an errrrrrrr sound that provides comfort to you and gets you prepped for bedtime. After we put you to bed, you turn onto your belly, stretch out your legs, give a little kick and wooop, tucked under they go, hands pulled into chest, bum goes up in the air, and wham-you are instantly transform into 100% comfy sleepy baby. This makes mommy and Daddy very happy.

You are sitting strong and I know that one day in the very near future, you are going to crawl-eek!

I've learned to be more patient with you. I also learned to be more present and to appreciate what stage you are at now, because I've already discovered how quickly time passes and I want to treasure every moment.

I also wonder lots of things, like what your voice will sounds like when you say Momma, if you will want me to put pigtails in your hair or if you will want to do it yourself, or if you will want to be a ballerina or a musician when you grow up. Anything you choose to be, we will support you. Daddy just hopes you don't want to become a history Professor (too much school!)

You make us soooo happy every morning when we wake up to your smiling face!
and we look forward to many more tricks and adventures with you my darling....

Love Mamma


  1. That was really beautiful, Jenn. Made auntie Lisa cry. Don't forget nicknames: Livs, Livie and Aunt Nicole's Olive!

    Can't wait to see you...maybe this weekend? Xo

  2. Absoulutely beauitiful. You need to put this in a journal for her to look at when she has children. I love reading my mother's journal for me and then comparing it with my own experiences as a mother. Give my little Olive big kisses from her Auntie.