Wednesday, August 24, 2011

15 months this week!

my dearest little o, on Saturday you turn 15 moths! The same day as Nana Bell's Birthday. I can't believe how much you have grown in just over a year. You really are turning into such a beautiful little girl. You have your own pe

rsonality shining through! As Mrs. Pricilla says, "she is a fiesty little one".

Above (with Daddy), we went to your very first concert at The Getty Gardens. You had so much fun, sitting and dancing to the lyrics of Francis England. After the show, she past right by us and you kept waving your hand saying bye bye.

Up above is your first drawing from school. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall watching you create this. Did you try and eat the crayons first? Did your teachers help you draw? Did you yell and throw the crayons on the table-who knows!

Here are your new boots! You were so happy once I put them on your feet. you walked around and clapped your hands. Then we walked right into school. Yep-that's right Mommy didn't carry you in. You held my hand and walked down the hall. You even waved to a couple of mom's walking by. When we got to your room, we walked in, I took your boots off and you walked over to meet Mrs. Shanti! What a difference from just a few weeks ago, when you would cry and cling to me before I left you.

Even though I miss you dearly each day, while I work, I know it is good for both of us that you are in good hands at school. You even come home singing "Badha, badha, badha" while tapping your hands on your upper thighs. You are such a thriving, sweet, amazing, friendly & wild chicky chick!

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