Sunday, October 2, 2011

16 Months Old

My little o! This is your new ride! It makes going for walks much more enjoyable, now that you have your own set of wheels! I keep it parked next to Mommy's car and everytime we get into Mommy's car you point to your buggy, whimper and say mana, mana! (This seems to be a popular command). I always say, "When we get home, when we get home" Sorry we don't ALWAYS go in the buggy when we get home...

You're new moves!
I cant keep up with all of your dancing moves! Where do you learn them from? Mrs. Shanti asked me if you've been watching beyonce videos while Mommy's not looking, because she notices you like to go down low and shake your bum bum!  Your favorite station is 97.1 AMP radio. When you are fussy in the car, putting this station works like a charm every time!

New Words: Octopus. Ahem, well maybe it sounds more like "Actops" when you say it, but you know exactly what it is when I say "Go get your octopus." Applesauce sounds very similar "Aptis". When Mommy sings, "The mommy's on the bus say I love say "I lav, lav" and you point to your heart. You have started to say yes too. Well you say "yeah", especially when I read to you and you want to read the same book, over, and over, and over.....I say "again?" and you say yeah! while you nod enthusiastically.
You've picked up on some sign language as well. Diaper, milk, eat, more, all done. We are still working on the sign for water, so for now you just scream and point at the kitchen faucet! or maybe its the dish rack, where we hang your cups to dry...either way, I get it girl...

You are running so fast and effortlessly these days. I just looked at this video, and I felt like it was just yesterday where you could barely push yourself up!

You still wake up VERY early. Usually between 5:15-5:30. We have tried putting you to bed at all different times and yet you still find that waking up before the sun rises is your thing. Well so be it, we have come to accept it. Mommy and Daddy take turns getting up with you. The other day you slept until 6:30-WOW! so exciting-maybe you just needed your extra beauty rest that day. At daycare, you tend to nap about 2.5-sometimes 3 hrs during the day. Then on the weekend, you still break up your naps. 1 hour in the morning then 1-1.5 hr. in the afternoon.

Halloween decor:
 You like holding your hands behind your back, when you walk sometimes. Daddy says it reminds him of his great-grandpa.
Your daycare is having a big halloween party! They even started decorating. You love to marvel at the big black spiders, ghosts and pumpkins that hang throughout the hallways. What will you be this year?

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